last time a user has consulted his/her mailbox

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It is not possible in general to discover the last time a mailbox was
accessed (as far as I know).
Under what circumstance is discovering the last access time necessary?
With what method are you trying to determine the last access time?

This is no way via the IMAP protocol to discover the last time a mailbox
was accessed.  Cyrus probably does not record that information except as
noted below.

The time a mailbox was last opened may be logged in the syslog for local6
depending on the syslog level setting.  Ordinarily, Cyrus uses local6 for
logging.  To get user login messages, the local6 log level must be at least
notice.  To get mailbox open messages, the local6 log level must be set to
debug.  The output for debug is copious and not something you would want to
leave on for an extended length of time.

Something like the following will appear in the log when the log level is debug:
May 21 15:55:01 hostname master[14838]: [ID 392559 local6.debug] about to exec /usr/cyrus/bin/imapd
May 21 15:55:01 hostname imap[14838]: [ID 518349 local6.debug] executed
May 21 15:55:01 hostname imapd[14838]: [ID 921384 local6.debug] accepted connection
May 21 15:52:06 hostname imapd[14813]: [ID 237943 local6.notice] login: localhost[] username plaintext 
May 21 15:59:50 hostname imapd[14838]: [ID 736213 local6.debug] open: user username opened INBOX
May 21 16:00:53 hostname master[3801]: [ID 310780 local6.debug] process 14838 exited, status 0

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