cyrus 2.1.13 and pop before smtp

Efler, Lukas lef at
Wed May 21 08:00:28 EDT 2003

Hi Toomas

Oops, silly me, can't handle a mail client :)

Here it goes:

If you're talking about the program available here: :

There is a config file in /etc that you need to edit ( if I remember correctly). It contains different perl regular expressions used by the pop-before-smtp daemon to recognize successful login entries in the syslog. Choose the one that fits you. Maybe you need to edit it a little.


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> Hi!
> There is a script named that modifies 
> /etc/mail/access file so
> that
> if you have authenticated already , you can send out mails 
> from that ip
> for some defined time. 
> But this works only for WU-imap. Is there something similar 
> known for Cyrus
> as well?
> If this matters, then i am using Sendmail
> Regards,
> Toomas
> > 

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