Deliver to lower case

Eric Ewanco eje at
Wed May 21 15:03:32 EDT 2003

Thiago Lima wrote:

>     There's any way to make cyrus deliver lower all usernames before 
> delivering mail?
>     When someone tries to send a message to John at 
> <mailto:John at>  it gets bounced because cyrus does not know 
> John at foo,bar <mailto:John at foo,bar>, it only knows john at 
> <mailto:john at> . Postfix original deliver converts usernames to 
> lowercase, but cyrus deliver does not.

For a quick hack, you could try using tr:

/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver "echo $user | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'"

But if anyone uses the user+mailbox format of email address, and has a 
mailbox that is not all lower-case, this won't work as expected (though 
I'd expect the mail would be delivered to the INBOX).

Eric Ewanco

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