successfully migrated from 2.0.16 to 2.2 ALPHA

Ken Woodhams kwoodhams2 at
Thu May 22 04:48:37 EDT 2003

Hi all, I just recently migrated from an old mail server running 
Cyrus-IMAPD 2.0.16 to a new one with 2.2 ALPHA. Using whatever 
information I could gather from the mailing list archives and 
install-upgrade.html I was able to convert the mailboxes.db, 
seen databases from berkeley to skiplist. After that I just 
copied over the spool files and directories like so:

# mv /backup/var/spool/imap/user/<username>/*
# chown -R cyrus:cyrus /var/spool/imap/user/<username>/*

My only question is that there were a lot of the cyrus.cache, 
cyrus.header and cyrus.index files from the old server which 
got copied to the new one. Do I have to perform any operations
on these files as well? Convert them, remove them all together?

Looking forward to testing 2.2

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