Creating Folder via Horde Imp Webmail client

Prakash prex at
Thu May 22 09:02:21 EDT 2003


First and foremost my Postfix + cyrus-imap 2.1.13 + cyrus-sasl-2.1.13
+ pam_mysql on Redhat 8.0 is working well. I'm using Horde as my
webmail client connecting using IMAP port.

My question is why can't my users create folder to store their emails
i.e move it from inbox. Each time initiated the user will get this error message :-

"The folder "Jenny" was not created. This is what the server said: <i>Permission denied</i>"

Is there any configuration i need to perform to my Cyrus or this is
not supported yet. Clearly I need to set the permission but as far as
i know i've already set it.

I would be pleased if i get a lead on this matters..


Best regards,
Prakash K.
Web Dev.
prex at

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