Creating Folder via Horde Imp Webmail client

Prakash prex at
Thu May 22 10:51:34 EDT 2003

Hello Michael,

Thanks a lot dude, I've missed out the 'altnamespace' in my
imapd.conf. So now its working correctly.

Thanks again.

Best regards,
Prakash K.
Web Dev.
prex at

Thursday, May 22, 2003, 9:57:29 PM, you wrote:

MS> Quoting Prakash <prex at>:

>> My question is why can't my users create folder to store their emails
>> i.e move it from inbox. Each time initiated the user will get this error
>> message :-
>> "The folder "Jenny" was not created. This is what the server said:
>> <i>Permission denied</i>"
>> Is there any configuration i need to perform to my Cyrus or this is
>> not supported yet. Clearly I need to set the permission but as far as
>> i know i've already set it.

MS> Hi,

MS> I highly suspect that this is an issue with your Horde/IMP configuration, and 
MS> not with Cyrus.  You'll probably get more useful information if you post this 
MS> to the IMP mailing list.

MS> Off the top of my head, it sounds as if the entry for your IMAP server inside 
MS> imp/config/servers.php is incorrect.  Double check your "folders" 
MS> and "namespace" settings.  The correct values for these settings will be 
MS> different depending on whether or not you have enabled Cyrus's "altnamespace" 
MS> and "unixheirarchysep" settings.  It sounds like these settings are not correct 
MS> in your installation and when you try to create a folder IMP is actually trying 
MS> to create a root level (i.e. shared) folder rather than a folder underneath the 
MS> current user's INBOX.

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