wishlist for 2.2 final

Patrick Welche prlw1 at newn.cam.ac.uk
Thu May 29 13:06:39 EDT 2003

If we're doing wishlists, 2 things (perhaps trivial) fell by the wayside:
- lib/imclient.c:578 int class = 2;
  Why not 0? If 2, then remove charclass[] checks. (I'm running with 0)
- cmulocal/sasl2.m4: DYNLIB_SASL is not necessary: it seems to be there to
  somehow make perl work without shared libraries, yet configure.in
  correctly warns:
     "Cannot compile perl utilities using static libsasl"
  so just replace it with LIB_DYN_SASL so the correct library has half a
  chance of getting into perl/Makefile.in and friends. (I found I had to
  add @LDFLAGS@ and @CPPFLAGS@ to SASL_LIB and SASL_INC respectively for
  it to be even more useful)



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