vacation case sensitive addresses in sieve

John Hayward John.C.Hayward at
Thu May 29 17:30:05 EDT 2003

Dear Cyrus Sieve People,
   We are attempting to implement vacation facility for our user via
horde/imp.  In our setting most users have a First.M.Last at
email address which is dropped to the cyrus imap server under an email
   The problem is that for the vacation action to work the address in the
vacation rule must be in the To:, Cc: or Bcc: fields.  Since the addresses
entered by senders are done manually and the mapping is done case
independent we get different results depending on if the sender used
First.M.Last at or first.m.last at
   In script.c in look_for_me on lines 231 and 243 there are two strcmp
calls which if they were strcasecmp would allow addresses included in the
vacation rule to be compared case independent.
   Are there reason why the addresses in the vacation section should be
case dependent (think of user at failing as well) and if not
could this change be made to future distributions of cyrus?


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