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Fri May 30 15:12:32 EDT 2003


I'm having problems with showing folders in Outlook Express 5.0 and 5.5
(haven't tested any other, 6.x?), and I'd like to understand how the
entire thing is suppose to work anyway, in general.

Here is the setup:
1 backend imapd
1 frontend (proxy)
1 ldap authentication server
1 mupdate master

These are all on their own computers, so 4 servers total.

Running 2.2 with virtual domain support.

I connect to backend, create a user bob at Domain is virtual.
Then go to Outlook Express, create a new account, pick up the e-mail
from INBOX. That all works fine. Then, I create a folder under OE
account I just set up, folder1. OE gives an error, saying: "Your folder
was created, but it cannot be shown." Check on the backend, yes, the
folder is there, check on frontend, it sees it also.

Whatever I do, I'm not able to make it show the folder. If I go to IMAP
Folders, select it, and do "show", it says: "Could not show folder1.
The server refused to show it. The folder might already be shown."
About the only way to have it displayed is to go to IMAP Folders,
select folder, and do "Go to". Then the folder displays on the left
under the IMAP account. But, if OE gets restarted, it goes away again.

OK, so I try Mozilla mail, set it up the same, and also I do not see
the folders. However, somewhere under IMAP options, these is something
like : "Show only subscribed folders", which if I uncheck, then folders
show up.

This is all when connecting to the frontend (proxy). If I connect to
the backend directly, all works fine. Create a new folder, it shows up.
Rename it, it gets renamed..

Could someone please explain to me if this is the way it really works?
I understand that OE must be missing the "show only subscribed folders"
tab that needs to be disabled, my question is why, if it works when I
connect directly to backend. Is my mulder configuration missing
something? One more thing, in OE, going thru proxy, I do see two
folders always, Sent Items, and Draft. But folders I create are having
problems showing up. It doesn't matter if I create the folder on
backend directly (with cyradm), OE doesn't show it. 

I've tried with altnamespace on and off. Also tried with
unixhierarchysep and allowallsubscribe on.

I've been reading the archives for a few days, but still don't
understand this, so I appreciate any help and pointers.


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