Cyrus 2.1.13 and single store?

Bernd Nies bernd.nies at
Wed Jun 4 02:01:33 EDT 2003

Hi Ted,

> This is it.  The postfix local transport always breaks up multiple
> recipient messages into single messages for delivery.  If you want to
> use single message store, you can't use the local transport for your
> main delivery.  mailbox_transport is part of the local transport.
> You'll need to change the local transport like this:
> local_transport = lmtp:unix:/var/spool/postfix/sockets/lmtp
> lmtp_destination_recipient_limit=100
> Note that if you're not using the postfix local transport, you won't
> be able to directly use alias files or any other postfix feature that
> the local transport provides.  You can still do aliases using the
> virtual aliases system.  If you really need local transport features,
> you can use the virtual alias system to forward mail to a subdomain
> that uses the transport table to be directed to the real local
> transport.
> If you have any other questions about this sort of setup, let me
> know.  I've got it working here, and it's great.

Thanks for your help. The aliases are required because we have many 
lists. The .forward is no longer used in our setup because then the mail 
server depends on the NFS mounted home directory. Our old mailserver 
hung at this when it wanted to mount a nonexisting home directory.

But how can with your setup the pipe to command of the aliases file be used?


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