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Jure Pecar pegasus at
Mon Jun 2 16:49:29 EDT 2003

While still recovering from the fs corruption, i've hit some more weird
things in 2.2a.

Consider this:> cm user/notyethere at> lam user/notyethere at
cyrus at lrswipcda
user at lrswipcda

like ... WTF? where do these ACLs come from? I wouldn't object much to cyrus
admin user set like this, but the second line ... 

Anyway, i've stepped through mailbox creation with gdb and this is where
things start to look wrong first:

mboxlist_mycreatemailboxcheck (name=0xbffeb110 "!user.notyethere",
new_mbtype=0, partition=0x0, isadmin=1, userid=0x8136848 "cyrus at",
auth_state=0x8137720, newacl=0xbffe9e54, newpartition=0xbffe9e58, RMW=1,
localonly=0, force_user_create=0, tid=0xbffe9e5c) at mboxlist.c:350

350	    switch (r) {
375	    parentlen = 0;
376	    while ((parentlen==0) && (p = strrchr(parent, '.')) && !strchr(p,
'!')) {
398	    }
377		*p = '\0';
379		r = mboxlist_mylookup(parent, NULL, NULL, &parentpartition, 

mboxlist_mylookup (name=0xbffe9bf0 "!user", typep=0x0, pathp=0x0,
partp=0xbffe9bdc, aclp=0xbffe9be0, 
    tid=0xbffe9e5c, wrlock=0) at mboxlist.c:162

I'm sure this was functioning perfectly well before the crash.

The only major thing i did that i imagine could affect this in some way was
a rebuild of a mailboxes.db from a filesystem using a variant of the shell
script found on ... 

It looks like i'll have to dump mailboxes.db to a flatfile, fix all the acl
errors and reimport it tonight ... 


Jure Pecar

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