Message with attachments shows up totally empty.

Simon Brady simon.brady at
Mon Jun 2 21:43:24 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Mark London wrote:

> Using the latest version of cyrus, one of our users received a message
> with several attachments.  Using different mail clients, they all show
> only the header of the message, no body or attachments, even though they
> are there (the person was able to forward the message to others,
> including themselves). Squirrelmail displays it without a problem.  Is
> this a known problem, and if not, is there anything I can do to help
> debug the source of the problem (i.e. turning on a debug switch?)  

This is almost certainly a client issue - my guess would be the sending 
software is munging the MIME structure of the message (Eudora is 
notorious for this). The best way to isolate the culprit is to cat the 
raw message in the server's spool directory - look for the MIME 
Content-Type header at the top of the message, e.g.

  Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="--rhubarbrhubarbrhubarb--"

then check the individual parts, each of which should start with the 
above boundary string followed by its own header info:

  Content-Type: text/html
  Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="attached.html"

You'll need to consult the MIME spec (RFC2045) if you want all the gory
details, but even a cursory look at the raw message should give you an
idea of what's coming through.

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