how to convert db4 mailboxes.db to db3 ?

sandra sandra at
Wed Jun 4 14:05:15 EDT 2003


   I have tried to do the conversion from db4 to skiplist for the
compiled with db4, but, there is a error message:

# ./cvt_cyrusdb mailboxes.db db4 mailboxes.skiplist skilist
fatal error: unknown old backend
Why doesnt it recognize db4? I have to compile with some other parameter,
--with-mboxlist-db=db4 ?



Patrick Morris wrote:

> I'd assume this is because you're moving from a system that uses db4 to
> one using db3.  If that's the case, the easiest thing to do is to
> convert them on the first system to a format both recognize (such as
> skiplist).  Then, convert the skiplist version back to db3 on the other
> system.
> sandra wrote:
> >I want to know how I can convert the files .db cyrus uses to db3!
> >
> >Thanks a lot.
> >
> >SAndra
> >
> >
> >
> >

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