ACL when creating mailbox in IMAP utf7

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Thu Jun 5 10:56:29 EDT 2003


When I create a top-level mailbox containing IMAP-style utf7 caracters,
it does not get any ACL.  The problem appear wheter using cyradm or not.
Example :

localhost.localdomain> cm 'user.&AOkA6QDp-'
localhost.localdomain> lam 'user.&AOkA6QDp-'
localhost.localdomain> cm user.testing
localhost.localdomain> lam user.testing
testing lrswipcda

Maybe top-level mailboxes are supposed to only use 7 bits caracters ?

Etienne Goyer                    Linux Québec Technologies Inc.       etienne.goyer at

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