I can't get imtest to work

Gareth Bult Gareth at Bult.co.uk
Fri Jun 6 05:51:39 EDT 2003


Sounds a bit like your setting imap to be chrooted and you've not got a
copy of /etc/services in the jail ???
(Not seen it with IMAP, but had a similar thing with postfix...)


On Fri, 2003-06-06 at 04:20, Ronald Rough wrote:

> Help:
> I can't run:
> imtest -m login -p imap localhost
> When I do, I get the following:
> Jun  5 20:13:35 roughrider imapd[22485]: could not
> getenv(CYRUS_SERVICE); exiting
> I was told that I should check the log files
> after I start the imap server.
> I need to know how to start the imap server.
> I need to know what to do to resolve the
> Any ideas.
> Thanks,
> Ron

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