Cyrus-Imap-2.2 with postfix

Vittorio Manfredini vittorio at
Fri Jun 6 22:12:40 EDT 2003

I use from 6 months cyrus-imapd-2.2 with postfix without any problems.

Which version of postfix are you using ?

Because starting from version 2 there are some change in the postfix
configuration for virtual address.

On my machine I work with 3 domains and I use LDAP.

May be if you coul send the postfix and the imapd.conf file I can help


Citazione "Vernon A. Fort" <vfort at>:

> Has or does anyone use the 2.2 version with postfix.  I cannot get any mail
> delivered to cyrus.  the ususal statement (unknown user).  I have created a
> user like
> 	cm user.testuser at
> 	Set the imapd.conf file per the docs
> 	use the standard LMTP config within postfix
> Still no mail can be delivered outside of the default domain name.  What
> should the file look like?
> Any help would be great
> Andy
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> Vernon A. Fort (Andy)
> Provident Solutions, LLC
> (615) 427-4016

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