Linking imapd with db-4.1.25

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Fri Jun 6 15:45:30 EDT 2003

Lars Peterson wrote:

>Yes is in the same directory I passed to configure for bdb-libdir.
>Permissions are same user I'm building as, and mode is 775.
>I was able to link against these libraries successfully for an openldap-2.1.19
Then I suggest looking at the log generated by configure and see why it 
didn't think it passed the test.

>I'll take this into consideration. I've had no problems thus far with db-4.1.25
>with respect to openldap / slapd...
Right, I haven't had any problems in any other application either.  I 
don't know if that is because they don't get as heavy usage or if the 
usage pattern is different or what.

>What kind of problems were you seeing on your Solaris box?
After a week or two of uptime, I would get ENOSPC returns from dbopen, 
and sieve would stop working (since my duplicate delivery database is 
using db3_nosync).  Other people reported similar problems with 
4.1.24-25 in this list without any resolution, until someone suggested 
to me that going back to db 4.0.14 would fix the problem.

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