cyradm password problem

Steve Sapovits steves06 at
Sun Jun 8 00:50:31 EDT 2003

I'm running Cyrus imapd 2.1.11 on a FreeBSD 5.0 Pentium system.  I
built this from my local FreeBSD ports collection.  I seem to have 
gotten it mostly right -- all my home accounts are now using it
successfully.  But somewhere along the way I lost the cyrus password
and can no longer use cyradm to manage mailboxes, etc.  

I get these sorts of errors:

Jun  8 00:33:55 murphy imapd[4070]: KERBEROS_V4 unavailable due to lack of IPv4
Jun  8 00:33:58 murphy imapd[4070]: opiechallenge: user not found or locked
Jun  8 00:33:58 murphy imapd[4070]: badlogin: localhost[::1] OTP [SASL(-13): use
r not found: opiechallenge: user not found or locked]
Jun  8 00:34:01 murphy perl: No worthy mechs found

Also, even though users are getting their IMAP mail okay, I get these
in my log:

Jun  7 23:37:33 murphy imapd[3727]: no user in db
Jun  7 23:37:33 murphy imapd[3727]: login:[] susans

Things seem to go south on a reboot. 

A few things I suspect and/or had problems with:

1)  It seemed to want Kerberos no matter how I configured sasl_pwcheck_method.
    It's currenly set to auxprop.  I ended up installing the Kerberos5 port ...
    I'm thinking maybe that messed something up on reboot that's killing

2)  I had trouble with /var/imap/srvtab.  Even though I configured it to
    that path, something kept looking for /etc/srvtab.  I finally ended
    up copying it to both places for now.  I'd like to get that right long

3)  Somewhere along the way both /etc/srvtab (before I copied it) and
    /etc/opiekeys ended up owned by root so that cyrus couldn't read
    them.  I first changed permissions, then ended up copying as described
    in #2.  

4)  Along the way adding users, I ended up forgetting to add the 'user.' 
    when creating mailboxes.  The result is that I have a few shared folders
    with user names that I can't delete.  The last thing I tried to do in
    cyradm before not being able to get in was delete these.  I got 
    "permission denied" errors.

Any help appreciated.  I've just started searching the archives.  My apologies
if this issue is already covered ...

Steve Sapovits  steves06 at 

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