Planning a cyrus upgrade

Luca Olivetti luca at
Mon Jun 9 03:13:02 EDT 2003

Paul Boven wrote:

> Secondly, most of my mail-users use Mozilla or Outlook. Both open
> multiple connections,
> and because of this, mail you've already read tends to become unread
> again. I've heard about
> a patch to make cyrus write these changes to disk right away to keep
> them synchronized
> between connections. Where to find such a patch? Is it already part of
> the cyrus tree?

Don't know if the fix is in current (2.1.13) cyrus, but if you use 
skiplist for the seen.db you'll almost not notice the problem.
And if you're using a recent version of mozilla (>=1.3) take a look at 
bug 195787
(hint: disable junk mail controls).

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