Several issues with 2.1.13

Wil Cooley wcooley at
Mon Jun 9 15:37:01 EDT 2003

I've just upgraded my office mail server from 2.0.16 to 2.1.13, in
preparation for upgrading some of my client's servers.  My server is Red
Hat Linux 7.3.  My 2.0.16 installation was from Ramiro Morales's RPMs;
the 2.1.13 from Simon Matter's.

The upgrade wasn't entirely smooth; I wrote up some notes about what I
did: in case someone
else wanders along this path...  The biggest issue was that ctl_cyrusdb
wasn't able to read my old mailboxes.db file; I reverted to my old
installation and dumped the database to a flat file and it went okay. 
For some reason that I don't understand, I had to remove the
/var/lib/imap/db directory for the rebuilding of the database to work

'rehash full' did very strange things; it only created directories of
A-Z, none of a-z and my own mailbox information was under 'I/' in both
the mailbox spool and the '/var/lib/imap/user' directory.  As a result,
I had to disable 'hashimapspool', which Simon's RPMs enabled by default.

'squatter' doesn't seem to work correctly either.  I checked the
archives and there seem to be a number of other people with the same
problem; it dies with "SQUAT: Unknown error 1 (Closing index)".  I built
a version w/o optimization and with debugging symbols and ran DDD on it,
but I wasn't really able to tell what was going wrong.  It seems to go
wrong somewhere in 'squat_build.c:dump_index_trie_words()'.  My system
has Perl v5.6.1; I don't know if that's part of the problem or what.

I have several messages that are GPG-signed (using PGP/MIME format) that
were sent through a Mailman 2.1 server that will only show the footer
appended by Mailman.  I've looked at the message in the spool, and it's
complete there.  I turned on telemetry logging and found out that the
entire message is not being sent over the IMAP connection; so it's the
server and not just my client.  I can make a copy of the message
available if someone wants to verify (it's not a private message).  I
had this problem with 2.0.16 and still with 2.1.13.  I don't seem to
have this problem with other GPG-signed messages going through Mailman

Finally, I have a customer that's a small ISP that's currently running
2.0.16.  I'm going to upgrade regardless, just so I can bounce messages
delivered through LMTP to boxes that are over-quota.  However, I
recurrent problem we have is with POP3 users (which everyone is) who
lose their connection (usually because of problems with dial-up).  The
pop3d stays running and locks the mailbox for 15 minutes or so, causing
lots of support calls and grumbling.  I'm guessing the connection stays
in TIME_WAIT for this period, but 15 minutes seems like a long time for
it to stay open.  I see the 'poptimeout' setting that might help, but
even 10 minutes might be too long.  (This 15 minutes could be only 10
minutes already; I'm just being told this by the guy who does support.) 
Will anything that's changed between 2.0.16 and 2.1.13 help assuage this

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