Tuning Suggestions

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Jun 10 11:28:30 EDT 2003

On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, John Straiton wrote:

> I come seeing suggestions for things I could check or change in order to
> resolve this before it gets to being more of a problem than it is. I
> figured I'd start with Cyrus and then move down to the OS level.

One thing you might want to try is to use /dev/urandom instead of
/dev/random for SASL on your system (recent versions have a
--with-devrandom configure switch, otherwise you need to edit config.h).

Additionally, you may want to increase the number of preforked processes,
but this will only allow you to prevent larger spikes of activity from
affecting you adversely, it won't help if the load is sustained at a
higher level.


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