SQUAT: Unknown error 1 (Closing index)

Christian Schulte cs at schulte.it
Tue Jun 10 19:13:13 EDT 2003

Dylan Martin wrote:

>I've been trying to run down the problem I've been having with squatter, 
>and it looks like quite a few people on the list are having the same 
>problem.  Here's what I've got so far, and I'll post more if/when I get 
>It looks like in squat_build.c in write_trie_word_data, if len > 2 it
>calls write_trie_word_data on the SquatWordTable new_t.  When it breaks,
>new_t has these values:  new_t->first_valid_entry = 256
>new_t->last_valid_entry = 0.  When it doesn't break, first_valid_entry is 
>less than or equal to last_valid entry.
>I don't really know what values mean what, so I can't really say what this 
>means or even if it's significant.  I'll see if I can find more.  Let me 
>know if this means anything to any of you.
For me it fails at exactly the same place with the same error ! I 
collected some of the messages for which squatter reproducable fails but 
cannot say which unique liddle difference in them squatter does not 
like. They are from different mailers in different charsets and 
encodings. The only thing they seem to have in common is 
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8 Bit in at least one body part of a mime 
message. Even messages I personally sent using squirrelmail could not be 
processed by squatter without crashing! During tracing I had a closer 
look on some I-do-not-remember-receiver-function in squatter.c  in which 
I tried to figure out if cyrus has problems in decoding the messages 
and  building the "to-index-strings" but that all looked reasonable. One 
thing I did not quite understand was that somehow cyrus does not seem to 
pay attention on the charset being used in the message to index. I think 
there were messages which were explicitly (and correctly) defined in 
charset iso-8859-15 (all messages for which squatter fails seem to have 
this charset in use but for my system 99% of all messages are using 
iso-8859-15 charset and so this may not be an issue) but during 
index-canonicalization 8 bit characters got replaced by 'X' characters 
and so the index would never contain words containing e.g. german 
umlauts correctly (Maybe I am totally wrong here, of course!).
I tried setting reject8bit and stopped all mta-mail-conversions but 
messages which cause squatter to crash still come in! The error I get 
seems to be

#define EPERM            1      /* Operation not permitted */


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