Webmail application that doesn't abuse the IMAP server?

Mikael Brandström mikael at brandstrom.org
Thu Jun 12 14:05:37 EDT 2003

The IMHO webmail for the Roxen web server, and the derived CAMAS for
Caudim webserver both use persistent IMAP connections. I've used an old
version of IMHO for quite some without any major problems.



On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 00:54, Gary Mills wrote:
> Does anyone know of an e-mail web application that doesn't abuse the
> IMAP server by making short connections?  Most of them simply connect
> and disconnect with each HTTP transaction.  Is there one that behaves
> the same as an IMAP client, using one connection for the duration of
> the session.  An IMAP proxy is not adequate because most of them only
> cache TCP connections and perhaps authentication.  These are generally
> not the source of most of the transaction overhead.

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