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Michael Fair michael at daclubhouse.net
Wed Jun 11 22:05:01 EDT 2003

"Brasseur Valéry" <Valery.Brasseur at atosorigin.com> wrote in message
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> did someone know if there exist a IMAp server who would be able to use a
> POP3 server for the INBOX folder and his normal folders for all others !
> note : i need something like this for a migration purpose !

Not quite sure what you are asking here.

Cyrus provides both an imapd daemon and a pop3 daemon that can
access the same mailboxes.  So users can use either pop3 or imap
to check their email.  (NOTE: The messages in their INBOX will
be deleted if the POP3 users do not mark "Leave messages on Server")

If what you want is to migrate email from an existing POP3 server
then using a program like "fetchmail" to retrieve email from the
POP3 server and then can inject those emails into the IMAP inbox.

Both Courier IMAP and Cyrus IMAP can offer simultaneous IMAP/POP3
access to mail boxes.  There are others I'm sure.

Hope that helps,
-- Michael --

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