notes on Sieve and cyrus-imapd-2.2a

Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Jun 12 19:38:38 EDT 2003

I seem to recall this being fixed in CVS as well.

Carl P. Corliss wrote:
> On Thursday 12 June 2003 09:54 am, Ken Murchison wrote:
>>Carl P. Corliss wrote:
>>>Figured I'd let you know what I've found so far while trying to get sieve
>>>working on 2.2a
>>>lmtpd looks for user scripts in the default domain, and all domains, in:
>>I've looked at the code and done a test myself and can't reproduce the
>>problem.  Do you have defaultdomain set correctly?
> I've also noticed that with fulldirhash turned on, timsieved doesn't hash the 
> whole username (ie., user at domain) for default domain users because it is only 
> getting passed 'user' and not 'user at domain', however, lmtpd -does- receive 
> the whole username (ie., user at domain) and therefore -does- hash it 
> completely. example:
> for user: rabbitt at, timsieved creates directory:
> /var/imap/sieve/T/rabbitt
> however, lmtpd searches in directory:
> /var/imap/sieve/O/rabbitt
> (note: lmtpd searches in that directory as opposed to 
> /var/imap/sieve/domain/[hash]/ due to change I made in 
> sieve_find_script() that I mentioned in my other email)
> 'T' == dir_hash_c("rabbitt")
> 'O' == dir_hash_c("rabbitt at") 
> note: dir_hash_c actually only hashes up to the first '.' so it's actually the 
> same as: dir_hash_c("rabbitt at xaraya")
> Gonna do some more digging through the code and see if I can find out anything 
> else that might help.
> peace,

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