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Thu Jun 12 14:39:35 EDT 2003

On 12 Jun 2003 11:17:15 -0700
Patrick Nelson <pnelson at> wrote:

> Had my Cyrus server lockup... not cyrus related... but when I rebooted
> the server my users could not get their mailbox contents.
> The error thats listed from Evolution when trying to view the, say INBOX
> is:
> Error while 'Opening folder imap://<username>@<servername>/INBOX': No
> such folder INBOX
> Looking at the /var/log/messages I see that the user authenticated and
> then I see an error like:
> <date time> <server> master[<pid>]: process <imapd pid> exited, signaled
> to death by 7
> How can I fix this?

If you had a harddisk crash, check your binaries.

Dump your mailboxes.db into plaintext format and see what you got there.
Fix, undump back. (It's handy to have some other clean cyrus setup to
compare the plaintext format; be sure not to forget the \t at the end of
each line)

Check other database files if they contain some weird data (strings <file>
should reveal if any fs blocks were strangely relinked by fsck as you should
spot parts of mails & other junk in files where they should not be)

When you get the imap login done and imapd dies at the point of . select
inbox, the usual culprit is the corrupted seen file. Delete it for each user
that has problems.

Good luck,


Jure Pecar

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