Emails change formatting by themselves (when going through cyrus)

Jason Grindlay jasong at
Tue Jun 17 01:16:21 EDT 2003


I'm trying to track down the root cause of a weird issue that I think 
Cyrus is linked to somehow.  I'm hoping somebody here might of heard of 
something similar or have some suggestions on this as it has me baffled.

To put it briefly rich HTML mail going through Cyrus in one server I 
have seems to change colour during delivery (e.g. sent from client PC as 
  black and arrives as lime green)  or else certain spaces vanish 
leaving the email looking like;

Howis it going?
Itis good here. We arehaving good fun...

(And it is not just typos, I've sent several emails that have been 
confirmed as typed ok that have arrived like this.)

The server that is doing this is built as follows;

Fetchmail gets pop3 mail from ISP
Exim recieves mail and passes it through RAV antivirus
If virus free it depending on exim settings is passed to qpopper or cyrus .
Cyrus recieves the mail via the 'deliver' command and places it in the 
user's inbox.
The client PC uses the InsightConnector plugin for Outlook to connect it 
to Cyrus with better IMAP support than default Outlook.

(running Debian 3.0, Linux kernel 2.2.20 with the latest version of 
Cyrus if that makes any difference)

The thing that makes me think it is related to Cyrus is that users who 
get their mail through qpopper rather than cyrus don't have these 
issues. (Exim under our setup can delivers certain email to qpopper, the 
reast to cyrus) (Yes I know that leaves the IMAP plugin as well but I've 
already looked heavilly into it with their technical support and no 
leads there yet.)

The real weird thing is that I build this server using a series of 
custom debian packages and scripts that I've written (we have several of 
these servers) and every other server built with them has not had this 
issue - the email system works perfectlly for them.

The exim transport setup used for delievery is

	driver = pipe
	command = "/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver ${local_part}"
	prefix = ""
	user = cyrus

If you want anymore technical details about the setup please ask away.

If anybody has any ideas as to anything that could be wrong with my 
setup I'd be eternally greatful...

Jason Grindlay
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