SSL wrapped sieve support (ala "imaps") for timsieved [LONG]

Ben Poliakoff benp at
Wed Jun 18 11:00:51 EDT 2003

* Scott Russell <lnxgeek at> [030617 18:52]:
> > So we can stumble along with this solution (and the stunnels) until we
> > are able to come up with a STARTTLS patch for the PHP/Pear Net_Sieve
> > class.
> Ohh, didn't know this existed. I'm still using sieve-php.lib from Dan
> Ellis with some CRAM-MD5/DIGEST-MD5 patches I wrote to avoid the whole
> plain text password issue. 
> Does Net_Sieve not support CRAM-MD5/DIGEST-MD5 auth mechs? If it did
> would that be good enough to solve your problem or are you looking for
> SSL to secure the data transfer beyond the authentication?

Our auth backend is krb5, so CRAM-MD5/DIGEST-MD5 wouldn't be useful for
us, but it sounds like patch for CRAM-MD5/DIGEST-MD5 is forthcoming...


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