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Wed Jun 18 05:30:01 EDT 2003

Zitat von Bartosz Jozwiak <bartek at>:

> Hello everyone!
> I just change e-mail server to Postfix MySql Cyrus Web-Cyradm
> We have 4000 users. Sometimes user can log in sometimes not.
> I have noticed that this is because of MySql problem.
> There is to many connections to mysql.
> So after 20 minutes we had to change to old e-mail server.
> Our webmail was horde/imp
> Did anybody had before that problem?
> Is pam not making to many connections?
> Please help me to solw this problem!

Not really a Cyrus issue.

Raise your limit for MySQL connects.
Use Postfix 2.0.x with Proxymap to lower the need for MySQL connects.
Split your MySQL for authentication from the database for mailrouting and IMP.



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