Cyrus impa,mysql,postfix, pam PROBLEM

Oyku Gencay oykug at
Wed Jun 18 13:30:06 EDT 2003

Check out documentation that came with cyrus-sasl2.
You should be running saslauthd. pam_mysql has nothing to do with mysql
auxprop. Also tun on sql statement logging in mysql in order to see what's
going on behind.

Although off topic, if you'll be using pam with postfix in a chroot
environment, you should place the libraries in the jail. You can easily
see from logs which libs postfix tries to access and inevitably fails.
just copy those libs to root jail preserving dir structure.


> On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Richard Houston wrote:
>> Can some one point me at the documentation for the MySQL auxprop
>> plugin? All I can seem to find is on using pam and pam_mysql from the
>> writer of Cyradm-web.
> Its discussed in options.html and briefly mentioned in sysadmin.html as
> an auxprop plugin.
> Yeah, this could be better.
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