Ok -- I got a few problems ironed out.

Drew Weaver drew at orbityl.com
Thu Jun 19 14:11:43 EDT 2003

So, now that I know I need to create the mailboxes myself (why i'll never understand) i'm using cyradm to do so and..

[root at localhost log]# cyradm localhost
IMAP Password: 

localhost.localdomain> cm aweaver
createmailbox: System I/O error

this is in my /var/log/imapd.log:

Jun 19 13:09:46 localhost imapd[1165]: IOERROR: creating directory /var/spool/mail/aweaver: Permission denied
Jun 19 13:09:46 localhost imapd[1165]: mydelete: starting txn 2147483666  
Jun 19 13:09:46 localhost imapd[1165]: mydelete: committing txn 2147483666

drwxrwxr-x    2 root     mail         4096 Jun 19 13:07 mail

any idea what I need to do? also does anyone have something I can toss into a perl script to auto create mailboxes for users that have 15mb quotas?

We use a perl script to create/delete users on our Linux server, so it would be cool if i could just tie the addition to mailboxes to those scripts.

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