Perl script to add mbox.

Andre Nicholson andre at
Thu Jun 19 17:12:55 EDT 2003

Here is a *very* crude script to create mailboxes. You *must* check for errors before
creating the actual mailbox, but that's beyond the scope of this example.

This is the basic script that I'm using on my site and it's working. I would really like
to see some other examples though to see if I did it right, I couldn't find an example
anywhere on the net when I had to first write the script.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use Cyrus::IMAP::Admin;

my $server = "localhost";
my $adminUser = "adminUser";
my $adminPass = "adminPassword";

my $dsn = Cyrus::IMAP::Admin->new( $server ) || print_error( "Unable to connect to
$server" );
        -user => $adminUser,
        -password => $adminPass,
        -mechanism => "LOGIN"

print_error( $dsn->error ) if( $dsn->error );


>     Anyone have a perl script that I can tack onto the bottom of my user create script
> to make a mailbox when a new user signs up?
> -Drew

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