/bin/deliever and valid accounts with sendmail

joe ritter glestadt4 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 19 16:45:53 EDT 2003

I am looking to switch from UW to Cyrus very soon.
Currently there is an ugly hack in place to accept
mail for users who do not have an account listed in
/etc/passwd. I would like to know if Cyrus is using
sasldb for authentication and sendmail is set up to
use Cyrus as a local transport does this solve the
problem of sendmail being able to accept mail for a
user that doesn't have an account in /etc/passwd? In
otherwords Sendmail hands off the mail to /bin/deliver
which sees a valid account and then the mail is
accepted. I guess I am confused about at which stage
and how Sendmail determines that the recipienct is a
local valid user to accept mail for. I would
appreciate any feedback. Unfortunately I don't have
the latest Bat book.

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