Murder: seems like timsieved of frontend does not proxy well.

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Fri Jun 20 09:55:46 EDT 2003

On Fri, 20 Jun 2003, Dmitry Novosjolov wrote:

> I'm finishing my Murder cyrus-2.2a installation: now I want that timsieved
> running on a frontend server would be able to proxy requests to a proper
> backend.

Timsieved implements referrals, which are a part of the base spec of
MANAGESIEVE.  If websieve does not implement them, then it is not a proper
implementation of the protocol.

> When I'm connecting to the backend's timsieved directly with websieve
> all is fine. But when I connect to the frontend nothing works. But sieve
> should look the same via both frontend and backend connections, like
> imap or pop3 do.

MANAGESIEVE specifies a method of referrals, specifically because a proxy
server buys you nothing other than increased latency due to additional
round trips to complete any given command.

If POP3 had a concept of referrals in their base spec, there
would be no need to proxy there either.

IMAP gains something from a proxy because you can switch mailboxes, though
referrals are still better in many cases for pipelining clients.

> In documentation about murder installation is said that sieve does not need a
> proxy, for timsieved supports refferrals and can work as proxy without any
> actions from the client side. Seem like it's not so, for when I'm connecting
> with SquirrelMail plugin it shows:

Timsieved supports referrals.  Your clients also need to support

Sieveshell is one such client.

> Has anybody got working properly timsieved on a frontend in murder
> installation?

Sure.  Anyone who has it working with sieveshell does.


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