Problems with permission on mailboxes.

Martin Ferguson martin at
Fri Jun 20 11:55:08 EDT 2003


I'm in the process of setting up cyrus-imapd-2.1.13 on Redhat8.0, I'm at
the stage of creating users mailboxes however I've ran into problems
with the permissions on these.

To create the mailboxes I use 'cyradm', if I create a mailbox with 'cm
user.mailboxname', its creates fine, however if I then try to delete
that mailbox with 'dm', I get permission denied.

I can also receive email into the created mailboxes, however the users
cannot create new folders, again permission is denied. Each time I send
mail I receive an error message, since the mail cannot be copied to the
'sent' folder, the mail is however delivered.

Cyrus is set-up to run as user 'cyrus' group 'mail', the mailboxes when
created have the following permissions:

drwx------    2 cyrus    mail         4096 Jun 20 14:26 cartman/

I run 'cyradm' and user cyrus.

Any suggestions?


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