Question about Autocreate patch.

Christos Soulios soulbros at
Tue Jun 24 03:31:50 EDT 2003

Quoting Rob Siemborski <rjs3 at>:

> On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Drew Weaver wrote:
> > Howdy, I got the autocreate patch working and its very nice, the only
> > thing im trying to figure out is this. If I userdel a user, why does
> > sendmail still deliver mail as if the user still exists? Shouldnt
> > sendmail say, hey uh this user doesnt exist, and return the message?
> If you're using the autocreate patch, your MTA is responsible for
> determining if a user doesn't exist (and needs to be configured as such,
> specifically for your enviornment).  The whole point of the patch is for
> cyrus to NOT detect that a user doesn't exist.
> -Rob
Exactly. In this case you have 2 options :

1. Turn the option createonpost to off. In this case the lmtpd will never create
any mailbox and always return a message of "user unknown" to sendmail. The
mailbox will be created only upon user's login.

2. Have sendmail do the check against a user database if the user exists and
delete the user from the user db along with the mailbox. However, this is risky
in case the user db is used by other services too. 


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