HTML-formatted mails [was: Re: Question about Autocreate patch.]

Carl P. Corliss rabbitt at
Mon Jun 23 12:14:36 EDT 2003

On Monday 23 June 2003 08:24 am, Robert Urban wrote:
> is it naive of me to think that it might be possible to train users
> of this list not to send HTML-formatted mails to the list?
> that perhaps with constant reminders and pointers to the appropriate
> documentation on netiquette things might improve?
> any chance of configuring the list server to reject mails containing HTML?
> Rob Urban

It would seem best, imo, to just install DeMIME for the mailing lists - that 
way people could go about their normal routine. DeMIME basically just strips 
out the MIME portion of an email and leaves the normal text version of it. If 
there isn't a text version, it does it's best to convert the HTML version to 
a text one. 

Carl P. Corliss
System Administrator / Developer

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