Problem with IMAP server suddenly hanging

Rob Tanner rtanner+cyrus at
Tue Jun 24 23:35:27 EDT 2003


I just installed cyrus-imapd-2.1.13 on a Solaris machine.  The 
conversion from the old MessagingDirect server was even easier than 
expected.  The server started up just fine and then hung.  I kill the 
master and restart and everything is okasy for a while and then it 
hangs (imap requests connect but nothing happens).  Also, I've noticed 
that "ctl_cyrusdb -c" is also hung at the time (truss shows the process 
in a constant sleep state from which it doesn't awake until master is 
killed).  I think ctl_cyrusdb's sleep state is a symptom, not the cause 
since it also runs at other times just fine.

Any ideas on what I need to look at/for?


Rob Tanner
Linfield College,
McMinnville, Oregon
rtanner+cyrus at

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