Naive Sieve question

David Carter dpc22 at
Wed Jun 25 03:15:04 EDT 2003

I'm still relatively new to Sieve (we've been using Exim filter files up
to now), so I suspect I'm missing something obvious here.

What is the recommended way to filter mail delivery reports? I'm the
postmaster for a 25k user mail system, and really don't want all of the
bounces in my primary INBOX. Neither of the two obvious approaches:

   if envelope :is "from" "" {
      fileinto "bounces"; stop;


   if header :is "return-path" "<>" {
      fileinto "bounces";

seem to work. So far the best that I have come up with is:

  if not envelope :contains "from" "@" {
     fileinto "bounces"; stop;

which works (at least in our environment), but isn't very pretty.

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