Best way of putting a single file into multiple mailboxes

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Thu Jun 26 07:58:41 EDT 2003

Zitat von Ramprasad A Padmanabhan <ramprasad at>:
> I agree with you but my situation is a little different
> I must have explained my problem more clearly, I have got around only 10
> recepients per newsletter on an average and there are around 700 such
> newsletters to be  delivered. These are news articles people have
> subscribed to accourding to interests
> Suppose Now I increase the number of lmtp_concurrent connections and if
> multiple instances of ltmp are trying to deliver to the same mailbox 
> then these mailboxes will get locked , so again There will be lmtp
> connections waiting.  I havent tried out increasing the number of
> concurrent connections per user because I want to be sure before I
> change anything on the live server

Best way is to limit the number of "lmtp" clients in to something
around 2 if you have a single mailstore (single disk/array). because massive
parallel local deliver leed to locking problems and don´t speed things up.

See Postfix for notes on parallel deliver for local mail!!

Use transport map to deliver direkt to lmtp to get the advantage of single
instance store.



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