huge bug

Ken Murchison ken at
Fri Jun 27 16:15:47 EDT 2003

If you want to send the message as it sits in the Cyrus and UW 
mailstores (gzip it so that the mailer doesn't munge it) and possibly 
capture the protocol log of the client trying to fetch the message, we 
_might_ be able to figure out what is happening.

My guess would be that Eudora is not formatting the MIME message 
correctly (ill-formed/missing boundary?).

Laurent LAVAUD wrote:
> huge bug for us...
> Here it is: when we compose mails with Eudora 5.02 or Eudora 5.2 with styled 
> text and an attachment (an image for example), the same Eudora is unable to 
> read it correctly (the body contains strange code instead of showing the text 
> and the image link).
> This occurs only when we send the mail with the 2 formats proposed by Eudora 
> (text only and styled text together).
> What make me think it's a cyrus bug is that if we send exactly the same message 
> to the same server that runs wu imap instead of cyrus, everything is fine!
> Huge for us because 80% of our clients are Eudora (about 2000 clients) and 
> people often compose mails with styled texts and attachments...
> Is there an issue to this except telling our users (and our senders but this 
> should be more difficult) not to use Eudora ?
> The server is sendmail 8.9.12 + cyrus 2.1.13
> Thanks for issues if available...

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