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twk twk at ncsu.edu
Mon Jun 30 10:30:13 EDT 2003

Ramprasad A Padmanabhan wrote:
> Is there a way I can change the user id
> I was searching the internet people have said I will have to create a 
> new account and move the mails to the account
> That Seems quite laborious.
> When  I am easily able to rename A subfolder of inbox  ( using cyradm )
>     'user/usarname/folder  ----> user/username/newfolder'
> Then Why Cant I similarly  rename
>      'user/username ----> user/newusername '

Because you can't. It's an architectural limitation of Cyrus.

Here is what we do :

- Create a new account (new)
- cp -r /imap/user/o/old/* /imap/user/n/new
- reconstruct -r user.new
- delete old account

I wouldn't consider that particularly laborious.


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