pine, horde and CRAM_MD5 not happy

Ken Murchison ken at
Mon Jun 30 21:27:14 EDT 2003

Ezsra McDonald wrote:
> Since I was forced to migrate friday I have been
> unable to connect to the cyrus imap server with pine
> and horde. 
> They are trying to use CRAM_MD5 authentication when I
> would rather they did not. 
> How do I disable CRAM_MD5 as an authentication method
> or at least get it to work between cyrus and
> pine/horde?

If you don't need them for any other applications, simply remove the 
plugins from /user/lib/sasl2.  If you only want to limit the mechs 
offered by Cyrus, set the sasl_mech_list option in imapd.conf to a 
space-separated list of mechs, eg:

sasl_mech_list: PLAIN

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