Manuele manu at cappelleri.net
Mon Jul 7 07:48:00 EDT 2003

Hello you all,
this mail is to inform those intrested that I've started a new project - so far
named 'vdac' - intended to become a web based administration tool for

The project is still in early stage, but already working for my mailserver.

It currently supports and follows the criteria below:

- Mainly it supposes a postfix/Cyrus installation, both with mysql support.

- Two types of users: administrator, domain master. Administators have full
right on the whole thing; domain masters have full rights on assigned domains,
they can create cyrus users, build virtual tables.

- Domain masters limits are based on the amount of (cyrus-)users they can create
and on the amount of external aliases they can put in the virtual table. Quotas
they can assign can be limited as well.

- It fully supports Cyrus and Amavisd(with per user preferences) so far. Very
next step will be support for IMP (expecially cyrus-user preferences)

Next - very soon - steps are: support for secondary MX administration, integrity
and sanity checks, ghost domains and canonical tables (for Administrators

The whole thing is written - so far - in only php, but things may change.

I'm writing this mail in order to get - eventual - feedbacks and requests,
mainly, but I am also trying to see if someone is intrested in helping me out.

Specifically to this list: I am searching someone that might want to give me a
hand to cope with the differences between releases of cyrus, as I am only using
2.1.x versions so far and will need some help to make the thinh work with 2.2.x

The whole thing WILL be open source in a next future, but the first releases -
if someone will want to download them and try them :) - will be given out in
'zend-compiled' form.

The whole idea came out, of course, from Webcyradm, even thou this has already
become something very different.

Screenshots are available at: http://vdac.cappelleri.net/shots/

Access to the system can be given upon request, if intrested in this early stage
developement. No demo accounts exist, since the only copy of it is running live
with my domains on :)

Thank you for your attention.

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