vdac - web administartion tool for Postfix+Cyrus

scott at ruralnetwork.net scott at ruralnetwork.net
Mon Jul 7 12:49:02 EDT 2003

I would like to take the part of your code that allows editing of user 
preferences for amavisd and modify it to work as a plugin for SquirrelMail
(http://www.squirrelmail.org) webmail program. 

As an ISP, we are content, so far, with the mod_perl-based account 
administration software, freeside (http://www.sisd.com/freeside), because it 
conveniently lets us modify a user's other account settings (personal web 
space, ftp access, dial-up permissions, etc.) at the same time that we make 
any changes to their email account. 

Scott Langley
scott at ruralnetwork.net
Systems Administrator
Rural Network Services 

Manuele writes: 

> Hello you all,
> this mail is to inform those intrested that I've started a new project - so far
> named 'vdac' - intended to become a web based administration tool for
> Postfix+Cyrus. 
> The project is still in early stage, but already working for my mailserver. 
> It currently supports and follows the criteria below: 
> - Mainly it supposes a postfix/Cyrus installation, both with mysql support. 
> - Two types of users: administrator, domain master. Administators have full
> right on the whole thing; domain masters have full rights on assigned domains,
> they can create cyrus users, build virtual tables. 
> - Domain masters limits are based on the amount of (cyrus-)users they can create
> and on the amount of external aliases they can put in the virtual table. Quotas
> they can assign can be limited as well. 
> - It fully supports Cyrus and Amavisd(with per user preferences) so far. Very
> next step will be support for IMP (expecially cyrus-user preferences) 
> Next - very soon - steps are: support for secondary MX administration, integrity
> and sanity checks, ghost domains and canonical tables (for Administrators
> only). 
> The whole thing is written - so far - in only php, but things may change. 
> I'm writing this mail in order to get - eventual - feedbacks and requests,
> mainly, but I am also trying to see if someone is intrested in helping me out. 
> Specifically to this list: I am searching someone that might want to give me a
> hand to cope with the differences between releases of cyrus, as I am only using
> 2.1.x versions so far and will need some help to make the thinh work with 2.2.x 
> The whole thing WILL be open source in a next future, but the first releases -
> if someone will want to download them and try them :) - will be given out in
> 'zend-compiled' form. 
> The whole idea came out, of course, from Webcyradm, even thou this has already
> become something very different. 
> Screenshots are available at: http://vdac.cappelleri.net/shots/ 
> Access to the system can be given upon request, if intrested in this early stage
> developement. No demo accounts exist, since the only copy of it is running live
> with my domains on :) 
> Thank you for your attention. 
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