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Laurent LAVAUD laurent.lavaud at
Wed Jul 2 03:04:54 EDT 2003

A lot of thanks to you and Ned Freed.
Happy to see that cyrus is so profesional.

A 10:51 01/07/2003 -0400, vous avez écrit :

>Ken Murchison wrote:
>>OK.  After talking with Rob and with Mark Crispin (author of UW IMAP), 
>>the problem comes down to an unfortunate implementation decision in 
>>Eudora and a change in the wording of the MIME specification from RFC 
>>1521 to RFC 2046.
>>Technically, there is nothing syntactically incorrect with the MIME 
>>message generated by Eudora.  Unfortunately, Eudora 5.1 and earlier 
>>generates MIME boundary strings which can contain other boundaries as 
>>There is wording in RFC 2046 (which wasn't present in RFC 1521) which 
>>states that such boundaries should be treated as the same.  This is what 
>>Cyrus does.
>>UW IMAP whose original MIME parsing code predates RFC 2046, still follows 
>>the RFC 1521 text which mentions nothing about the substring case.
>>None of us know why the substring text was added in RFC 2046, but both 
>>Cyrus and UW can claim that they are correct.  The fact that Eudora has 
>>been changed in v5.2 to match RFC 2046 is a good thing, and all users are 
>>urged to upgrade.
>>In lieu of this, I have just added a "eudora_mime_hack" option to Cyrus, 
>>which will be available in v2.1.14 ("real soon now") to work around the 
>>MIME boundary issue.
>OK.  Final update before we put this to rest.  Last night we discussed 
>this issue with Ned Freed (author of MIME), and although we all agreed 
>that Eudora is broken, we decided to be more liberal in what Cyrus allows.
>So, the fix for Eudora will now enabled by default in 2.1.14 (the 
>eudora_mime_hack option is gone).  We have added a rfc2046_strict option 
>(default=off) to re-enable the old behavior, if necessary.
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