´ð¸´: quota warning problem - Is it a bug of cyrus imap?

Daniel Qian | ??? daniel at shera.com.cn
Tue Jul 1 04:37:29 EDT 2003

I think you are right. I tried setting the quota to 4G the warning is
But how can I get by this 4G limit?

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??: Re: quota warning problem - Is it a bug of cyrus imap?

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, [gb2312] Daniel Qian | ǮʡÄÏ wrote:

> I have installed cyrus imap 2.13 recently and it works very well ecept

> when the mailbox data reaches big volume. On a 10G quota for a mailbox

> the server starts warning the outlook user and closes the connection 
> when the used space is just al little over 15% of the quota.  But for 
> small quota the server works fine- it starts the warning at 90% of the

> quota limit. Is there anyone on this list aware of this problem?

I haven't looked at the code, but this sounds like what you'd see if
math was being done in 32 bits: 10G mod 4G = 2G, and 90% of 2G is 18% of

the original 10G figure.

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