sieve & spamassassin

John.C.Hayward at John.C.Hayward at
Tue Jul 1 00:49:15 EDT 2003

My guess is that:
o  INBOX by default has posting permissions to everyone - other folders
   do not.  Since the INBOX.junk folder needs to have your sendmail (or
   whatever) be able to post to the folder you need to allow everyone
   posting permissions.  It would be nice to have a facility which allows
   the general mail deliverer (sendmail or whatever) to post to a folder
   without allowing everyone that privilage.
Quoting Michael Grundmann <michael at>:

> hi,
> my sievescript look like:
> require ["fileinto"];
> if header :contains "X-Spam-Level:" "******" {
>         fileinto "INBOX.junk";
> }
> but the spam-mail would'nt sort in INBOX.junk. any hints?
> michael
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