sieve & spamassassin

foobar foobar at
Tue Jul 1 02:48:01 EDT 2003

Atleast this works (better would be to catch spam_score via regex from the
other header (I don't remember name)):

header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES"
fileinto "INBOX.junk";

And remember to activate it :/

And if it is still not working, is this only rule?

Btw, how much I break things if I move script into its place without
uploading it via timsieved (i.e some caching issues or something) or is it
like -> copy that script, tell sieve to use it (or is it just that
"default" which is always in use and possible scripts can be symlinked
without breaking things).


On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, Michael Grundmann wrote:

> hi,
> my sievescript look like:
> require ["fileinto"];
> if header :contains "X-Spam-Level:" "******" {
>         fileinto "INBOX.junk";
> }
> but the spam-mail would'nt sort in INBOX.junk. any hints?
> michael
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