sieve vacation problems

Alexander Brill kiowa at
Thu Jul 3 07:41:31 EDT 2003

I am having some problems related to sieve and its vacation module. It
just won't send out to the right recipient, but it tries to send it to
cyrus at This is what I get in my logs:

Jul  3 10:48:25 tarkan postfix/smtpd[13027]: 15CEB3FA05: client=localhost[]
Jul  3 10:48:25 tarkan postfix/cleanup[13046]: 15CEB3FA05: message-id=<cmu-sieve-13037-1057222104-0 at tarkan>
Jul  3 10:48:25 tarkan postfix/smtpd[13027]: disconnect from localhost[]
Jul  3 10:48:25 tarkan postfix/qmgr[14206]: 15CEB3FA05: from=<>, size=1436, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Jul  3 10:48:25 tarkan amavis[12936]: (12936-01) Passed, (?) -> <cyrus at>, Message-I
D: <cmu-sieve-13037-1057222104-0 at tarkan>
Jul  3 10:48:25 tarkan postfix/smtp[13022]: 9215E3FB50: to=<cyrus at>, orig_to=<cyrus
@unspecified-domain>, relay=[], delay=1, status=sent (250 2.6.0 Ok, id=12936-01, from MTA: 250 Ok
: queued as 15CEB3FA05)
Jul  3 10:48:26 tarkan postfix/smtp[13050]: 15CEB3FA05: to=<cyrus at>,[], delay=1, status=sent (250 KAA05768 Message accepted for delivery)

Alexander Brill <kiowa at>
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